Principal's Message
Ravi Kumar
Designation: Principal.
Branch: Civil

Qualification: Civil Engg.
Contact No.:09473035353

  • Goverment Polytechnic Kishanganj was established in the year 2016. This Polytechnic is situated in the area of socially backward, poor classes of people belonging to Minorities, Scheduled Castes, and Extremely Backward Classes. It was a day-dream for the natives of this area to receive higher education at Kishanganj. Kishanganj town was/is more than __ KM from this rural area. Somehow they manage school-level education at Kishanganj and at adjoining remote areas. The institution is founded by Goverment of Bihar. Goverment of Bihar took pains to establish the institution in this extremely backward and neglected area and worked tirelessly, day and night to realize dream come true. The college imparts teaching in four vocational cources and efforts are being made to B.Tech. The college has grown rapidly by the sincere efforts of dedicated faculty members and staff. The performance of the students is well and satisfactory. The good number of girl students admitted in the institution is remarkable and it indicates the rapid increase in inclination towards the higher education among girls. These girl students take part in various extracurricular activities as well and are keeping pace with boy athletes.The chief objective of the college, since its inception has been to connect the young generation of this marginalized and poorly developed sector with the main stream of the society to build a strong nation represented by all sectors of the country, Now the whole world is a village and it is changing very rapidly to cope with the need of 21st century students and they must be empowered with latest technology to prove their worth in the society for serving the poor, economically backward and uneducated mass. The accreditation by AICTE would further accelerate the process of development of the institution.  
                                                                                               Prof.(Er.) Ravi Kumar
                                                                                       Govt.Polytechnic Kishanganj, Bihar